• Image of Gen 2 No Brow Headlight Bracket

The Generation II No Brow headlight bracket is our newest version , and will replace all older versions. This bracket is a Riser Mount version, Meaning it will bolt under your top tree using your riser bolts.
We made it slightly shorter so it will fit more models with no mods. 35mm or 39mm trees will accept these. Also most 41mm trees will as well . Any trees with a 3.5" riser spacing.

We have changed the speed holes on this version. They are no longer plasma cut , they are now punched , which leaves a cleaner hole .
The added plus is that you can now run one of these as a dual headlight bracket .* It works with smaller lights with a bottom swivel mount. Especially looks good with triangle lights .You can mount one light in the top speed hole and one at the bottom "tongue" hole and have dual lights.

*Note doesn't work with all bottom mount lights. Some lights can have clearance issues.

Or you can run a most any single light of your choosing.